Man Of Moods AW08 Collection

The new collection from Man of Moods is truly unlike any other Fall collection I have seen this year. With barely any focus on the stereotypical black, grey and white color palette, the collection shows Fall shoppers that a little color in the colder seasons is just fine. With vibrant yellows and reds, the new collection plays more on the colors of the leaves and trees and less on the sky. However, the new collection also has some amazing dark designs as well. The leather coat, ripped jeans and black calf high boots are a look we have seen a lot of for the Fall and Man of Moods has done it just as well as the rest. You can't deny it, the Man of Moods collection is an amazing way to change up your otherwise blah wardrobe. For more on Man of Moods be sure to check out their website.

Thanks to The Fashionisto for the awesome images.