LOOKBOOK: Ivory Skies from Ebony & Ivory

Ivory Skies, a London based designer t shirt label launched online in early to mid 2009. Owner Carlo Salanitri, inspired by indie rock fashion and mystical ancient images came up with a concept that is totally unique and one of kind. His concept was to blend rare, ancient, and iconic images with his own modern designed cuts, always striving to produce a t-shirt that is a cut above the rest in style and design. Slip on one of the Ivory Skies tees from their Ebony & Ivory collection and you’ll be joining in on a cult phenomenon of people wearing apparel featuring ancient iconography art etchings. With a following in Europe and a lot of interest from Australia and America, Ivory Skies is definitely doing something right amidst an overly saturated t-shirt market. The master plans to continue collecting ancient relics from around the world, with the ultimate goal of finding the essence of the trend. It is predicted that the frequency of gatherings will increase exponentially starting in London’s trendiest markets, both east and west and spread across borders and transatlantically to the scenes in Paris, Berlin and New York. Find out more about Ivory Skies tees and their brand by visiting their site here.