7 Ways to Ensure You Don't Bore Me to Death on Instagram

I rundown a few tips on how to become an effing A-lister on the thing that currently makes you the most annoying douche in the world.

This video came out last month, but I'm totally just finding it now, so I'm currently laughing up a Diet Coke through my nose as I try to tell you how perfectly it describes almost everyone's instagram feed. Most of the A-list bloggebrities I follow have been feeding me dishes of "Peach Pie, Peach Pie," for years, making me totally a copy cat follower. I'm eating at the Hurricane Club, here's my food. I'm standing in the Gramercy Park Hotel bathroom, definitely a room where I poop, here's a selfie. I'm guilty of the same lamo-gramming and feel I'm in need of an upgrade.

While not all my masterpieces are as mock-worthy as the ones in the video, I do find myself reverting to defaults, common shots that just feel easy to shoot. Pair of shoes, magazine pages, my dinner. I thought about it and came up with new, or at least, somewhat new ideas around what to shoot.

Here are 7 ideas with Instagrammy-worthy examples from @FashionIndie on Instagram.

Follow us.  I need only 100,000 more followers before I start feeling relevant.


#Addict - I love shooting ad campaigns and then discussing them with my followers. I've recently fallen for Hedi's dark, gothic take on Saint Laurant S/S 2013. So much more raw and sensual than Dior's recent print outing.



Editorials from Obscure Magazines - I've begun digging through the archives for great imagery lesser known, but highly inspirational fashion tomes like V, Bullett, Zink, CR Fashion Book, Industrie, and dozens of other mags we just can't put down.



#backstabber - I enjoy making fun of people. As Jay Z would say, "it's the gift and the curse." So when I see someone walking buy worth talking smack about, I may or may not secretly snap a photo of them and proceed to shit talk behind their back. I'm not a nice person...



Places Worth Visiting - I won't waste your time on food shots, unless it's prepared by a five-star chef. Also, I won't take scenic shots unless the scenes worth seeing. Case in point, my nieces birthday party pictured above, where the Russian version of Moulin Rouge made an appearance.



Shit Worth Buying - I love photographing things that are totally worth investing in. I don't like the cheap seats baby, this isn't a fashion blog, it's a fucking lifestyle. This Marc Jacobs bag made my lust list, only $895.



Who's Who - I'm an addict for meeting people, so I love shooting them and sharing. Most of these end up being bigger stories, so these pics are kind of my behind the scenes of Fashion Indie. Kind of like the one above of Rob Kardashian. We're working on a campaign right now around his new sock collection, yes socks, so we were lucky enough to get meet him and collaborate. Random lives we lead.



Outfits - I party like a Rockstar, fuck like a Pornstar, shop like a Bradshaw...






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