Little moments

Little moments Is it the music? There are times when I feel so low, as if I want to hide under the ground.Or build our own giant shoe box just for myself so I can feel a little comfort in my own safety zone... Maybe the truth is, nothing is right...but there's always time when I was sitting in my car looking up to the sky, under the partly cloudy weather...slowly...slowly driving under the constellations of life...going into the highway, watched everything so far ahead as i saw many lines spread from the electricity pillars that stands so high...Then I would start to count every single details I've missed in my drawings... Or when I woke up in the morning, and drizzles of rainy day peeking from the window pane. Playing a tune of a wonderful melancholy sound...a reminder of November month that once feels so grand to personal treasures... When I carefully steps downstairs in the morning to have my breakfast and morning coffee...Seems like I want to stop the world, right here...just let me have this moment here a little bit longer...When the sky is clearly blue and you know nothing is wrong...everything will be quite alright... Slightly...slightly you start to hope again... The past won't haunt you anymore...they're long gone...and the moment you stays in your heart... know nothing to worry about... Slightly... Deep breath...nothing is wrong I'm happy _____________________________________________________________________________ LINK LOVE:Little moments _____________________________________________________________________________ Join TheyEnvy.Us to Add Your Own Stories to