Which Fashion Magazine Gave Lena Dunham Her First Cover?

For i-D Magazine's Winter issue, we've already seen Grace Coddington grace one of the 9 covers. With seven more to go, creator of HBO series Girls Lena Dunham stars as one of the mag's elite group of cover girls.

Lena Dunham i-D Magazine

Pictured in a lip print top from ASOS, Lena Dunham was one of the breakout stars of 2012. Acting as creator and lead actress on her HBO television series Girls, Lena has both come under praise and criticism for her straight forward portrayal of women in their 20's living in New York City.

A far cry from Sex and the City, the characters in Girls are insecure, imperfect, and frankly, realistic. That's part of why Lena stars on one of the nine covers for i-D Magazine. After being featured in the ASOS magazine, rocking out the Met Gala, and moving forward with Girls getting the green light for its second season starting January 13th, Lena has had one hell of a year.

Featured after American Vogue muse and long-time Creative Director, Grace Coddington, Lena has some big shoes to fill. Thankfully her natural beauty shines almost as brightly as her unforgettable wit and sense of humor. Photographed by Todd Cole, this cover has Lena's ink and personality blazing through the lens.

Only question is, who's next to cover the Wise Up issue? So far the standard is set pretty high. We're placing our bets on Tavi Gevinson or Alexa Chung, but at this point speculation is just that. Who do you think will be next to be featured?

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