LAST NIGHT'S PARTY: Uptown, Downtown, Eastside, Westside We're All Over The Place!

Fashion Indie hit the streets last night to get our weekend started off right! The night started at the Soho Grand hotel for the new Thursdays at the Soho Grand party hosted by our wonderful friend Niko! Lindsay Luv was on the ones and twos, and the booze was graciously flowing like always. The crowd was full of the trendiest fashion people in town, and representatives of some of NYC's top boutiques were in attendance. Rebecca was kind enough to loan me one of her new jewellery pieces that I was getting compliments on all night! Look how good it looks next to the bottle of vodka we were drinking too! The party pressed on to a new location, Marquee Club, for more free drinks and a little VIP status. The crowd was amazing, as was the DJ. We met a ton of new friends, and grabbed some great snapshots of some down right trendy folks!

Thanks again to Niko, Boris and James Coppola for all your amazingness!!!

More pics on Cult courtesy of Boris.