3 Easy Step to Getting Kirsten Dunst’s Voluminous Hair

Kirsten Dunst’s latest role is to be the first-ever spokesperson for L’Oréal Professional, and this archetypal blonde bombshell, sexy roll in the hay hairstyle will be used to anchor the upcoming promotional campaign. It’s the kind of sultry style that every girl wants, but few know how to create. But from roller-setting to curling wands to American Wave there’s actually a few options for anyone who fancies giving this sure-to-get-you-noticed look a try this weekend. For our tips, click style notes.

Step 1: The most effective DIY method for attaining big, voluminous waves is the age-old art of hair setting. To do, (the night before) wash hair, towel-dry, apply a handful of styling cream, wind hair on 6-8 large rollers, and then mist whole head with primp working spray. Go to sleep. In the morning, unwind rollers and brush out the set, creating the bombshell bouncy and wavy look.

Step 2: A quick alternative to this use a curling iron or wand and use pin-curl clips to pin curls to head. Using the same products at the same time as above, with the addition of protective thickening lotion (to shield against heat), simply curl entire head and pin. Once cool, release pin-curl clips and style as you like it. This will give you more or less the same shape as roller-setting, although it won’t hold for as long.

Step 3: To save yourself the palaver of the all the work noted above, talk to your salon texture specialist about an American Wave Service. American Wave offers the permanent creation of wave and curl patterns, as well as added volume. It lasts several months and can even be styled straight, on days you don’t fancy wearing waves.