Kardashian Sister Proves She's the Golden Child, Wild Child

The Kardashian sisters might be taking over reality televison, Miami, sports teams and everything in between, not to mention now a foot in fashion with their new clothing line at Bebe stores this year. You have the total package in the circle of Kardashian hotties, there is the crazy lovable Khloe Kardashian-Odom who at times shares a little more than needed for my taste. You have the boring older sister Kourtney who we all know hates her motherhood life, and of course the favorite with nothing but bizarre sex appeal and amazing junk Kim Kardashian. Aside from the queen bees has anyone noticed half sister Kendall Jenner? At just fourteen years old she is now signed to Wilhelmina models and scoring Forever 21 campaigns, correct me if I'm wrong but I think its safe to safe miss Kim K. is about to face some serious competition in a few years. I guess the good genes did well for this little sister. Let us hope that this won't be another Britney or Lindsey "when younger wannabe siblings try to take over" part II. LINK LOVE:Kardashian Sister Proves She's the Golden Child, Wild Child