Justin Timberlake Takes On Roll As William Rast

Justin Timberlake has accepted a roll as William Rast for their new ad campaigns. Timberlake, the owner of William Rast, has said in the past how he wished to stay out of the affairs of the company, but when the representatives for his company approached him with the idea he loved it. He will be playing William Rast who is a fictional character who is supposed to be on the run in the ads. I personally have two major problems witht his seemingly cheesy idea. First and foremost, It is totally corny that he is doing all the advertising for his own company. We have seen countless numbers of celebrities do this and well it never seems to help. Second, with the so called "develped" characters it would be safe to assume that JT is going to have to act, and everything he has ever acted has flopped. I hate to say it, but I smell disaster. Poor celebrities there is a reason why you don't design clothes, because you just aren't good at it, and even worse for Justin he can't even act like he's good at it.