Just A Jumpsuit

I took the pictures you see in this post in one of the spots I always used to go to when I was younger. I can still remember when I used to drive around these streets with my scooter, or when I used to go to my friends’ houses after school for some girls talk time with them. Coming back to that very same place today, after so many years, was weird, a little bit nostalgic and at the same time full of memories.

You already saw the jumpsuits I am wearing today in THIS POST but this time I tried to create an ensemble that would highlight better its back details, I hope you like it!

CLOTHES - JUMPSUIT: Dahlia Wolf // ACCESSORIES – NECKLACE: Pep & Paige // HAIR TIES & RINGS: MyKitsch // BAG: Christian Dior // HEELS: Sarenza.it // BRACELET: Baublebar //