Sporting Sexy Leather Sweatpants

Leather anything is my go-to, and until recently, I'd only been dealing with leather dresses, jackets, and pants. Also, until recently, I hadn't been wearing "sweatpants" as apart of my normal day-to-day routine. Additionally, I realize this is partially ridiculous here, but I just bought my first pair of sneakers since childhood, last year. My obsession with getting new sneakers every season as a child (Hey! Catholic school left me with little creativity, my shoes were the only control I had!), turned into an instant obsession with wearing heels. Heels, all the time, even when I was wearing booties to run around the city. I don't care if it's a half-inch, a shorty (literally, I am 5'1), like me needs some height. So, the moral of this story, is that I've been sleeping and very behind on finding ways to wear joggers everyday (enter: leather), rocking sneakers outside of the gym, and basically being comfortable while dressed. Little did I know how much I was actually missing out on. Ah, the good things in life; you know, like comfort, sanity, fashionable wisdom.

Wearing: Forever 21 Sweater, Pure Addiction Leather Joggers, Stacey's Trench, Kenneth Cole Sneakers, ASOS Sunglasses.