Jogger situation

Zara crop, Finders Keepers joggers, Balenciaga boots, Proenza Schouler PS11, H&M cap When cozy and comfort meet design that makes it okay to step out in pseudo pyjamas. I'm still very much on this train, especially with the weather currently in a state of in-between and all this frenzy surrounding Coachella prepping. Joggers (what a fancy name for sweatpants, thanks Aussies) are crucial staples at the moment as I make my rounds with meetings and appointments. It's been a manic two weeks and it hasn't ceased as Coachella is coming nearer (sorry for the delayed posting!). I'm headed over to Indio tomorrow and will be covering the festival on my Instagram, and more photos to follow on the blog after I get back! But until the very last minute when I have to switch into denim cut-offs and frilly dresses, find me in sweats. Some of my favorite ones here: