Jean Paul Gaultier Does (Diet) Coke

Coca-Cola has tapped Parisian couturier Jean Paul Gaultier as its new creative director, following in the heels of fellow cokehead Karl Lagerfeld. As the CD, Gaultier will have a role in advertising campaigns, package designs, online events and, more importantly, a role in a new series if tongue-in-soda-filled-cheek shorts for the fizz foundation.

As the "Serial Designer," Gaultier shares the screen with some sassy British popstar puppet named Irene and in the first video helps her find her inner rock chick with the help of some miniature leather and lace.

I'm not sure that Gaultier will lend his image and/or expertise to Coke's range of non-diet drinks but as a fashion designer it would be irresponsible of him to advocate anything with caloric content. [Vogue UK]

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