Interview With Valentine NYC…

What can I say? Paloma Jonas and Whitney Brown are babes! But the duo aren’t just a pair of pretty faces. The two former models and friends have developed a lingerie/lifestyle brand that is anything but ordinary. And let’s be honest, model/entrepreneurs that design lingerie, what could be better?

Valentine NYC was conjured up when the two friends noticed a gap in the market for cool, comfortable, and affordable lingerie. Thanks to that gap we now get to shop a selection of cool, simple, elegant bras and panties that are must-haves. Valentine doesn’t just stop there though. It’s also a lifestyle brand with an awesome blog attached where you can take an intimate glimpse into the lives of aspirational women, men, and couples through photographs and quick interviews that project Valentine’s free-spirited vibe. I had the pleasure of being a part of the Valentine NYC blog which you can see here.

So, if you are looking for some inspiration or a new bra and panty set for this Valentine’s Day I highly suggest you check out Valentine NYC.

Read below to find out just what makes Valentine one of the coolest new lingerie brands around.

What inspired you to start Valentine?

We started Valentine 2 years ago out of Whit’s apartment in Nolita, It was like one of those millions of ideas that you think of doing but this one stuck…. We had this idea of creating a lingerie line for our friends, something that felt intimate and honest to us and the lives we live. So we started as almost like a spring-board into the creative process of who we were really making lingerie for. It’s really about our friends and all the interesting people we’ve met along the way. The idea of the blog was like an intimate scrapbook. Using different photographers so each shoot felt different and unique.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? And for the sake of Valentine’s Day what or who gets you to stay there?

VALENTINE VALENTINE VALENTINE, usually we spring out of bed to get to work on something that makes us incredibly happy… JASON & CARLOS our the men in our lives… Sent from the best boyfriends in the word mould. We got lucky.

The plus of having our own business is that sometimes on a snowy day you mix what gets you out of bed and what keeps you in bed. Like Business and Pleasure,)

How would you describe your approach to designing lingerie? What or who inspires you?

We think about end use.. Whats the purpose of this bra.. We see a girl in Soho. She’s got ripped Levi’s and vintages boots, messy hair, and well you can’t look the other way. We think of her, what shade of Nude would she want her bra to be. What shape. Where does she work.. That kind of thing. Its like each garment is designed for who she is.

From there we make choices for design and fabric based on those things. New York plays a major role in our designing. Just the exciting everyday-ness of life in the city. It’s a combo of the rawness and the mystery of it all.

What advice do you have for other ladies who want to start a lingerie line?

Be prepared to work extremely hard and don’t let the challenges get you down.. Hard work and persistence is the way we have gotten this far.. Oh and ask for help.. ha ha we do it a lot.

You’re both still young, but what advice would you give your 20-year old selves?

Trust yourself and just enjoy being 20.

Where can reader’s shop for your lingerie and see the blog?


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