INTERVIEW: Stefanie Skinner; Publicist, Reality Star, Crybaby

We're totally in hearts with Stefanie Skinner, the Public Relations workaholic from Kell on Earth, Bravo's foray into the inner workings of fashion's fave press house, People's Revolution.  Whether she's vouching for Andrew's explosive diarrhea, getting hair tips from Tandrew or  managing the wrath of Kell, Stefanie is one PR girl whose emails we'll never put on our SPAM list. We got a chance to interview the Power Girl on life after reality. On the show Fashion PR is presented like a high drama world of angry clients, shitty interns and breakdowns. Is it really so dramatic? Fashion PR is a face-paced, cutthroat industry and you deal with a lot of people on many levels and many have a my way or the highway attitude. Trust me I'm not the first person to cry in an office, I'm just one of few that it happened to on camera on national television. Kelly's become famous for her tidbits of advice like "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside". What would be your tagline if you had to choose just one? Hmmm…F&$% my life? Ha! On the show, you're often portrayed as someone under an extreme amount of pressure who's on the verge of breaking. How do you feel about your portrayal? I'm not the only one under extreme pressures in our office, but at the time of filming I was survival of the fittest and I've been at the company for longer than interns and those that have come and gone. I think the portrayal is accurate in showing I'm a hard worker, dedicated and loyal. As the season continues you'll also get to see that I am starting to learn that balance of life and work and I think I'm pretty funny at times too. If you could represent any one in the fashion industry who would it be? I love Marc Jacobs and Rick Owens since Mr. Mukamal (Andrew) has come into my life. If you weren't in fashion PR what would you be doing right now? I always joke saying I would be a kindergarten teacher. How has your life changed since the show? Are you totally a major celebrity now? Have you forgotten all the little people yet? Celebrity no, but people have been recognizing me. Its surreal when people come up to like they know you, but its cool. I would never forget people that have always been in my life - they will always be there even if this all goes away- I am thankful to have a strong support and safety net. Do you have a hidden talent? Ha. no. What's the worst part of your day? When my alarm goes off. What are your daily must read blogs?  [Damn right!!!]