INTERVIEW: Becca Kannapell of POUND Jewelry

POUND Jewelry first grabbed our attention on Tumblr with its edgy, tribal designs. POUND is the happy marriage between vintage and contemporary, made with materials like bone, pearls, brass chains, beads, pyrite, glass and rare objects found around the globe. Created by a mother, two sisters and a best friend, this jewelry line is truly unique. We caught up with Becca Kannapell of the brand to learn more about these dominant accessories worth their weight.   How did you and the POUND team get into accessories? There are four of us who make up the POUND team: my mom (Linda), my sister (Mia), our closest friend (Amber) and myself. We all have a love for fashion, accessories and anything that speaks to our personal sense of style we can turn into a statement. My mom has collected beads, gems, stones and basically anything that sparkles for more than thirty years, compiling a huge array of amazing objects with which we work. She has also been making jewelry since the rest of the POUND team was very young. We finally decided to interweave our talents and aesthetics into a unified theme to present to the world, and out popped POUND. Have you always wanted to create jewelry? Mia, Amber and I have not always wanted to create jewelry, but my mom always has. The rest of us have been creative in various ways, and one day we were all literally like “hey, let’s start a jewelry business.” And we did. We have never been happier. What is it like working with your family? Working with family has its moments for sure, however, most of those moments are good ones!  All of us recognize who has the strength in each arena, and none of this would be possible without the other three members. And in general, there are a ton of laughs and an overall really, really good time.   What would you do if you were not a jewelry designer? We would be doing all of the other things we do now outside of POUND, some of which include studying film, graphic design, yoga instructing, book clubs and rehabilitating injured and ill people in the hospital. We all have other jobs/studies and are involved in an array of different things that we weave into our love for creating jewelry. Who is the POUND girl? You know the woman in James Bond movies who knows how to drive fast cars, dance a killer tango, speak seven languages, melt a man with the wink of an eye, look amazing whether she's wearing shorts or a fancy ball gown and can shoot a can off of a roof from 1/2 mile away left handed? She's wearing POUND. How did you come up with the name POUND? We chose the word POUND for our name because we wanted to use a word that would mean more than just a pretty necklace. POUND suggests the weight of the pieces as well as the gravitational pull they have on others. Our necklaces aren't made for the faint of heart. They have heft, and they make a big splash. POUND is also suggestive of the type of women drawn to our necklaces. These are life-loving, loud-laughing, tour-de-force women; women who make an impact in the world and aren't afraid of being seen or heard. Where do you find inspiration? Mostly we draw inspiration from each other; there’s a constant flux of energy, inspiration and ideas flying around between us at all times. We’re also inspired by the continuous influx of color and shapes we encounter on the streets of New York, Chicago and St. Louis, as well as our love of other cultures around the world. We draw inspiration from the women who wear our line, who we want to wear our line and basically from women everywhere. What is your favorite piece from the current collection? It would be nearly impossible for us to pick an absolute favorite because each of them is so special to us. But all of the pieces with skulls such as the Momoztli (Altar) are very popular and people are really attracted to Xipilli (Jeweled Princess) as well as Huitzilli (Hummingbird). But we love them ALL! Where can people find POUND jewelry? POUND jewelry can be found online at our website and in boutiques Shop The Edit and Olive Clothing. Coming soon to boutiques and stores in NYC!