INDIE REWIND: Character Study -- Dorothy Zbornak

All right everyone I hope you brought your cowl-neck sweaters, a culotte, a slouchy boot, anything with a drop-waist and a bad attitude. This week’s class will be on the grand dame of grandmothers, Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak Hollingsworth, as portrayed by the greatest lady of all time, one Ms. Bea Arthur. Key Pieces: In addition to the previous items, we’re talking sequins, a string of pearls down to the ground, more sequins, Chanel doorknockers, and the occasional kitten heel. Designers to Wear:  Donna Karan, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen Defining Fashion Moment: Season 7, Episode 19, “Journey to the Center of Attention.” In a bar full of middle-aged horndogs itching to climb up Blanche’s dress (she’s not wearing any underwear…meanwhile, imagine your grandma saying that to anyone and not being able to blame it on the Alzheimer’s) when Dorothy steals the spotlight by singing a heartfelt rendition of Irving Berlin‘s “What’ll I Do.” All the while, she’s wearing  a black blazer with gold piping and epaulets, black pants tucked into a slouchy black boot and only one major accessory — her gold Chanel doorknockers. Perfection. Simple, chic, but still playing on that fun masculine edge. Signature Dorothy.