In Which I Show Support for Lysol

To start off Fashion Week, Cynthia Rowley hosted a private party celebrating her newest sponsor, Lysol. I play it clean, pose for the cam-ah-ra ( pronounced as Jenna Maroney would say it ) and convince the designer to loan me her sweatshirt for fashion week.

Fashion Week is filled with events hosted by designers in support of their sponsors.

Fashion is an expensive game, with shows at Mercedes-Benz costing upwards of $200,000. Runways that all bloggers clamor to get front row seats at cost money, and for creatives with enough clout to have eyeballs on their collections, sponsorship dollars can make or break fashion week.

Get a sponsor, and you can host memorable events, sort of what Prabal did this season, hosting a massive indoor carnival for his Love collection, with Target footing the bill. Get no sponsors, and you're left begging backers for enough to cover your show or stuck footing the bill yourself. It's really a challenge in this town which has it's own politics, as  the candidate with the most green to spend is often the one who wins at the end.

Miss Rowley had a little love from Lysol this season and took it as a chance to host a shin dig worth talking about atop the Gramercy Park Hotel.

Posing time, one last call for photographs, so finish your instas and vines.

After getting snapped by the designer and making it on her feed, I contemplated ways to steal her sweatshirt before her big presentation next week. Cynthia is pretty flippin cool, and I got a little juice on her upcoming presentation. Can't wait.

Tonight, I wanted add a little edge to my Ports 1961 gown so I paired it with a pair of Plomo boots, a lightweight leather jacket, and the Cynthia Rowley clutch I picked up at her store last week.

There was a mani-cam. I had to strut my stuff. Unfortunately I'm more hands are more thumb-shaped than pinkie, so I couldn't find anything in my size...

Saynt finally wore his Arthur George Robert Kardashian socks out. Yes, my husband wears Kardashian gear.

Considering he's always in monotone colors, the socks were a nice graphic pop and are actually pretty cool.

My new favorite creature...

Had to toss this photo in there, of Cynthia and I at her store on Bleeker from last week's shopping event with Alicia from CheetahIsTheNewBlack. Cynthia helped me pick out an outfit that I'm wearing to her show on Sunday. See Vine below.


Stripped down and styled up in a look selected by @cynthiarowley. Totally wearing to her runway show. #fash...

Beca Alexander (@fashionindie) February 1, 2013

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