Improve Your Hair's Texture With Neu Due & Aprou by Milbon

With all types of tools and products flying around like hair irons and dye, it's difficult to to prevent your locks from becoming dry, rough and tangled. But if man-made curls and highlights are just too unbearable to live without, Milbon has the remedy. Neu Due is a three-step process designed to improve hair texture without altering your precious color. Leave-in treatment Aprou is a moisturizer for your hair, important as age takes its toll and hair begins to dry-out. To learn more about these amazing new products and test them firsthand, I stopped by the Milbon Personal Haircare Consultation Bar. After a quick and painless hair texture analysis, these are the products I walked away with and how they have transformed my hair. After analyzing my hair, a Milbon expert determined it was texturally medium and a little dry at the ends. The Willowluxe three step system was recommended to me, and I've used the products over the course of a week. Here is what I thought. Step 1, Shampoo: Not only does this shampoo smell amazing, but it makes your hair feel unbelievably clean. It works when amino acids in the formula fill the damage holes in your hair strands. After using, my hair was softer, shinier and less frizzy. Step 2, Treatment: This everyday conditioner is the richest I've ever used, housed in the most gorgeous packaging. It works when lipidure attaches to amino receptors to deliver moisture inside your hair. When you blow dry, the lipidure changes its form to coat hair. After drying my hair, it felt and looked softer than it did when I used other conditioners. Step 3, Nutrient: Even richer and more moisturizing than the everyday conditioner, this ultra-luxe treatment is to be used once a week in place of normal conditioner. It works in the same way as the treatment but overtime. This feels and smells amazing. After leaving it in my hair for three minutes, by hair literally felt like silk. In addition to the three-step Willowluxe treatment, I was given an Aprou leave-in treatment. Perfect for delivering the moisture my hair most desperately needs, I used Water Gel on my towel-dried hair along with curl mousse before blow drying. Unlike a lot of other creams, this is not sticky and super easy to spread on your hair. After using, my hair looked smoother and less frizzy. It's great for use on dry hair too if you need a quick touch-up. To learn more about Milbon and these products, check out the brand's website.