Lulu Frosting...

Not too long ago, a girl named Lisa started Lulu Frost and launched a new generation of girls' obsession for jewelry. We paid the designer a visit and fell madly, deeply in love with what's in her drawers.

My addiction for jewelry started when I was 7 years old. I remember getting a hard on for my grandmother's rings, delicate pieces that my mother inherited after her death. For years, on my birthday, I begged for one of her rings, being drawn to its vintage detailing and the story that it accompanied. My grandma died right before I was born and I never had the chance to meet her or get to know her. She's like a forget I could never remember. Finally, on my 15th birthday, my mom gave me the ring. I did not take it off until I was 22.

Having recently discovered Lulu Frost, I was quickly drawn to the story behind her pieces. Just like the rings that connected me to my grandmother, designer Lisa Salzer's pieces connect to tales of friendship, love, and birth. Amongst the collection there were the code collection, numbered rings, molded from the door signs of the Plaza Hotel, before it's renovation, a perfect testament to a time gone by, some even were stacked, gold and silver rings, with diamonds, the perfect wedding day memory.

Created from pieces discovered through collected old jewelry Lisa and her mom find at estate sales, jewelry markets, and vintage shops and expositions, there were literally drawers after drawers of cubbies filled with items that will inspire future collections.

Individual items are so distinct giving Lulu Frost a signature look. I was completely drawn to the Circe necklace, pictured below, finding distinct similarities between her story and mine. In Greek mythology, Circe was the daughter of Helios, the sun god, and the goddess of magic. She also murdered her husband, a similarity we don't share, but could in the near future...he recently sparked a little battle between a certain nightlife photographer, and has been encouraging my continued defiance. Follow me on Twitter to witness the drama.

Of course I had to purchase the piece. Lisa wrapped it up perfectly, and I already have a small list of additional items that I must have, including an item from her coveted J.Crew collection. Such a cutie.

Shop the Collection here.

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