I Just Fired My Husband While Wearing @Cynthia_Rowley

Little known fact in the bloggerhood, if you've got a boyfriend, a husband or boo lover, you've got a photographer.

Being a recent entrant into the personal style/my life is so wonderful/look at my shoes form of blogging, I've been a little apprehensive to let anyone besides Senior Saynt, the husband, to shoot and later photoshop the shit out of my photos. A big reason for that is cause of the awkwardness that comes from having to pose for the camera, a feeling that I've never been comfortable with, and till this day, believe is one of the biggest challenges in deciding to be a full-time professional fashion blogger. Funny how that's a term that didn't exist 5 years ago.

For the past few months, I've tried my best to ignore my faults, instantly hating nearly every photo shot of me, harassing the husband to make me thinner with a few stretches, remove my double chin with clone stamp, pull the imperfections off my skin with spot healer, and overall, make me look as much as possible as if I have enough time in my day to make it to my personal trainer.

There's a weird thing that happens in relationships when you give that much access into your insecurities, when he's trying to tell you you're beautiful, and you're trying to convince him to bring your waist in more to get that Kardashian-esque curve on your Kosher tuckas just right. It's an honesty that few couples have to deal with and one that makes you begin to obsess about how you look, how you pose and which smiles and head tilts cause your face to look like a cantaloupe battling a microwave set to POPCORN.

And while the hubs has been successful at getting me this far, I think it's time to tell a different kind of story and bring on a bit of professional feel to my shots. Basically, I kicked his sorry ass to the curb and got me the real deal...

I hired on Margrit Wenzel to play Bonnie to my Clyde, after falling in love with her surreal work and the rawness to her shots.

Below, our first foray into quasi-modelling, a love letter to a dress that Cynthia Rowley  sent me recently that completely gets me, a mash-up of texture, metallics and floral that I feel really speaks to where I feel my style is at right now, a bit undecided.

I paired it with a Marc by Marc Jacobs coat and Sigerson Morrison boots, as well as pieces from the jewelry line launched by CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist, Andrea Lieberman, a fellow New York Parsons girl, and creator of highly covetable brand ALC. The pieces are clean and a perfect layer piece if you're still a member of the Arm Party, or if you're more of a conservative, Arm Dinner Party type of girl, a good piece to throw on to not feel completely naked.

Don't judge the images, or totally do judge, just let me know what you think, I need some reinforcement that I made the right choice to fire my husband.

He's currently sitting in front of our apartment with a sign that says "Will Shoot Bloggers for Food".

Dress by Cynthia Rowley. Jewelry by ALC, Boots from Sigerson Morrison (currently at 70% off), Coat from Marc by Marc Jacobs

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