Horse Purse? I Think Neigh.

Remember back in the day when carrying a purse that looked like your dog Fifi was all the rage? Those days are dead. I saw a woman uptown last week carrying a bag that looked like a Scottish Terrier and I almost vomited. Well, let's just say I shook my head in disgust Peter Jensen Horse Purse on Daniel Jenkins' site. Yeah, it's cute...for a six year old girl carrying her library books. Honestly, if I ever saw anyone over the age of, let's say 14, sporting one of these horse purses, I'd think it was a joke. Over the age of 20, then they're just plain special (and not in a gifted child prodigy kind of way...). Really people, this is almost as bad as those anime kids who insist on wearing cat ears 24/7. 



Thanks Bored and Beautiful