Does "dude look like a lady"  if he wears a clutch? I've noticed the underlying argument in many of my "Hot Or Not"s is on how feminine a man can be without looking ridiculous. This time it pertains to man clutches. Growing up in suburban New Jersey meant that the only acceptable bags men can  carry are backpacks, gym bags, and duffel bags. None of these are really fashionable which became extremely obvious to me after I moved to NYC.  When I walk down the street I am no longer surprised to see men carrying shoulder bags without any worry. Most days I can been seen walking the streets in my Pendelton inspired FEED tote bag. I was recently gifted a basic black man clutch from Coach and wondered whether it was cool for not to wear in public. Now, I would never wear a clutch on a daily basis. It would only be worn on a night out where my pocket space is limited and I can't lug around my brightly colored tote. Is it OK to wear it at such an occasion? Is it even acceptable to  wear during the daytime? Here are some pictures of guys and their clutches: [gallery link="file" columns="4"] So what do you think? Hot or Not?