HOMBRE: Are Six Packs Overrated?

The University of Queensland is out to prove that normal looking guys are just as effective at selling underwear as six-packers. The school surveyed 600 students in their late teens and told them to judge ads for jeans, skin-care products, and cologne with muscle boys and average joes. The guys surveyed liked the ads with no models in them the best. Some participants in the University of Queensland study ''may have attributed the models' muscularity to vanity or homosexuality, characteristics which they may have found unpleasant or discomforting'', Ms Diedrichs wrote in the journal Body Image. ''The average-size male models may have seemed less concerned with their appearance.'' What do you think indies? Would you rather buy underwear from a chunk or a hunk? Answer in the comments below LINK LOVE: Six-pack Punch Overrated