Hair Color Inspiration: Concrete Silver Blonde

Hair color is such a powerful thing; it has the potential to change how we are perceived, and can even transform how we perceive ourselves. It is not merely coincidence that blondes are said to have more fun, that brunettes are considered earthly and natural, that redheads are thought of as a fiery breed. One of the most striking, boldest tones is white platinum blonde –– it’s a vanguard way to set your personality apart from the crowd. With salon hair color technology now making it easier to go platinum from any base shade, channeling Edie Sedgewick is achievable for all. For tips on making this tone yours, click style notes.

Step: Your hair color history and base level will determine how much work will be required to go platinum. It’s important to honestly explain your color history to your colorist, so they may ascertain the best processes for you. If you have virgin hair, or have a naturally light hair color, going platinum will be easier.

Step: Upkeep and maintenance becomes paramount whenever you bleach, as bleach leaves hair porous and dry. Use shine luxe regimen daily for a sulfate-free, moisture-rich, non-stripping cleanse and condition. On the weekends, use hair repair masque as a health-giving, deep conditioning treat for your tresses.

Step: When styling, avoid too much blowdrying or hot-tool use. If hair is brittle from the color process, heat exacerbates damage. If you must blowdry or use tools, protect hair by first applying protective thickening lotion.