Great HairStyles: Long & Shiny & Straight

Girls love to brush their hair until it shines. Yet with the zeitgeist for lived-in looks, disheveled textures, and trendy tousle it’s easy to forget the power of a straight styles to bring drama, brilliance, radiance and glister. This lightly layered center-part is a fine example of the polish and class innate to well-kept, linear looks. Notice how the part is kept just off of center; unless your profile is perfectly symmetrical (unlikely!), do the same because splitting the face right down the middle is too severe for most of us. For other tips on wearing and styling long, straight locks click style notes.

Step 1: Towel dry hair to damp. Apply a little set & style spray at roots –– for lift and shine and apply shine luxe oil from mid-shaft to ends –– for a super sleek blowdry.

Step 2: Center-part hair just off of center. Blowdry roots to ends on high heat with boar bristle round brush, allowing the air flow of the dryer to follow the path of the brush.

Step 3: Use a straightening iron to iron-out any kinky bits. A good tip is to mist a little protective thickening lotion onto any kink, and then press flat with the iron. To add beautifying asymmetry, simply tick one side of part behind the ear.