Great Hair Color Formulations: The Sun & The Earth

A sun-dappled forest comes to mind when gazing at this beautiful mix of earth hues. Woodsy browns set off with points of brightness creates a look that is both eye-catching and natural. This effect is created by using neutral shades that sit on the border between warm and cool, which are achieved by combining complementary colors. Bronzed ash and golden khaki interweave through the gentle undulations and windswept texture. Minimal, metallic makeup sets off the look. Read on for tips and expert formulations that make the look achievable for you. –– Laura Martin

Tips: To get a seamless blend of colors, use a hand painting technique to create customized highlights. Evenly spaced, horizontal sections will produced a subtle, minimal look. Work with the client’s existing base shade for a long-lasting, sun-kissed effect with an easy grow out. Using two different lightening products creates multiple tones with minimal effort and allows for multiple reflections from the same color glaze.

Highlights: (Starting level 6)

1) Goldwell Silk Lift with 30 Volume

2) Goldwell Topchic Blonding Creme with 40 Voulme


3) Goldwell Colorance 1 part 8GB + 1 part 8NA with Colorance Acid Lotion

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted