Gray Vs. Grey

Is it gray or grey?

You say potato and I say potato. After doing a quick online search I found that grey and gray are actually two different color swatches. Grey is lighter and gray is a darker shade of gray/grey. Also, in America, to describe the color we use the word “gray” and in the UK they use the word “grey.” Okay, now I feel like the word just looks funny. Does that ever happen to you? When you look at something for so long that it starts to become foreign? That actually happens a lot to me with online shopping. I feel like every store starts to look the same and the e-commerce sites all start to carry similar product.

It was truly a breath of fresh air when Piperlime redesigned their website. Along with the new layout, they have brought in style influencers such as Olivia Palermo, Nicole Richie, and fashion bloggers such as Atlantic Pacific, Gal Meets Glam and {you guessed it} Damsel in Dior {whoop!}, to contribute to the site by offering styling tips & different takes on classic pieces sold on Piperlime. While one fashionista might use the word gray, and another will say grey, it’s good to have different views on styling basics and all of the latest trends.

French Connection Dress {$128, ℅} // Schutz Nelly Sandal {$180, ℅} // Clare V Supreme Flat Clutch {$198, ℅}

Jose Leon Photography

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