Gotta Get 'Em All...Before They Impregnate Someone: Justin Bieber Trading Cards

Alleged baby daddy Justin Bieber may have his hands full with damage control and/or the righteous anger of Hurricane Selena Gomez, but you can have your hands full of Bieber with the pop phenom's new trading cards. If you aren't peeing your teeny-bopper pants in excitement already, just get a load of the details: "Panini America is teaming up with pop sensation Justin Bieber to release the Justin Bieber 2.0 trading card set. Available from this month, the set consists of 150 cards, 30 collectible stickers, new photos and cards embedded with pieces of clothes Justin has worn, as well as randomly inserted autographed cards. In addition, there are five cards which can be redeemed for full pieces of Justin-worn clothing." Hear that, Beliebers? You can even get your grubby little hands on clothing that the Biebs himself sweated in or around! And if you're lucky maybe he left enough DNA on said articles of clothing so that you too can fake your own Bieber baby bump!