Got Froth?

I’m addicted to caffeine, but that’s nothing new, as everyone in NYC is, that’s why there’s a coffee shop on every corner. So when it comes to drinking coffee at home, I’ve been a dire Cafe Bustelo fan since I met my Rican husband. It’s his people’s coffee, and the only thing his family ever serves. Typically, they drink one shot of Bustelo with a whole cup of milk and at least 3 tablespoons of sugar, which in my book is not only unhealthy, it’s quite yucky. I want to taste the flavor of my coffee, that’s what a true caffeine lover craves.

Upon discovery of Nespresso, we just happened to be in Soho and in dire need of a boost, we ventured into the cafe and had our fix of a double, we added it to our list of items to gift ourselves for the holiday. One fine day, a few weeks back, the machine came, packed with tiny little capsules in diff colors (signifying flavors) along with a milk frother. And now, I’m OBSESSED. I have at least 2 in the am, and 1 in the afternoon. I froth everything from Soy milk, to almond milk, to vanilla creamer, playing around with the different flavors of the coffee and the taste of the foam. It’s kinda become my thing!

And to be honest, over the break, our ‘tasteful holiday’ consisted of days hanging out together, enjoying coffee and watching the entire season of Scandal on Netflix. We didn’t leave the house for days, we didn’t check our phones, and blissfully ignored everything that was happening in the world! Potentially the best holiday ever!

PS: I’d love to GIVE AWAY one of these machines to one of you. Please follow me on Insta and comment below and tell me why you think you deserve one.

Wearing lounge wear by Eberjey

Photos by Lydia Hudgens