Give Your Dress the Slip: Adding Length to Too-Short Dresses

I hate to admit, but Im a big fan of Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on The Today Show. That back-and-forth banter! Hodas eye-rolling when KLGs not looking! Their constant drinking. Really, theyre my heroes.

Anyway, they brought out beauty editor Bobbi Brown today who gave a really great tip on how to lengthen dresses that are too short. Oftentimes, we find dresses that are really adorable but are about three inches too short and simply scandalous when trying to sit, especially if youre tall. Bobbis tip? Add a half-slip to peek out from under the dress. This simple idea that hearkens back to what our mothers and grandmothers wore makes formerly unwearable dresses versatile and unique.

Take this Lavender Sachet dress from Lulus: its flowy, feminine and only 32 inches from shoulder to hem.

Add this 17 inch flounce slip from Farr West and youve got a little more length and a little more style.

Or for a lacy touch, try the 18 inch half slip with lace.

Mix and match slips for different looks. And of course, this idea only works on flowy loose-fitting dresses. So give your too-short dresses the slip and transform them into something sweet and wearable!

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