Ghosts of Fashion Past: The Muff

Many times in winter, I will choose the warmer option over the fashionable one. I know I shouldn't admit to this, but it's totally true. But looking back on the Victorian era, women dressed for winter while still looking fashionable. Wool capes, tall, lace-up leather boots and fur muffs were winter necessities for women and girls alike. The thought of a white fur muff may seem impractical while trying to hold tight to the filthy pole in a subway car, but they are definitely a must-have for the holiday season. Many designers showed them on the runway, and the classy touch they add to an outfit cannot be denied. Whether brown, black or white; fox, rabbit or faux fur, muffs are showing up everywhere for the holidays. Just please, PLEASE do not use them for a bridesmaid's accessory- that would be the real nightmare before Christmas.