Stoping to Smell the Roses with Piaget #INDIEinGeneva

After I making like a Londoner with I Am Galla and Thank Fifi, we flew out to Geneva to shoot a project with luxury watch and jewelry brand Piaget (check out a photoshoot I did at their Flagship location on Fifth Ave a few weeks back).

We arrived in the late evening, starving, and after a quick change, headed out to find food. What we found was a Chinese restaurant, considered exotic by the locals, so we headed in for some dim sum and kung pow chicken. Unbeknownst to us, the Swiss Franc is much stronger than the US dollar, and a meal we thought was going to be a few bucks, ended up costing us $250 bucks. Considering it was Chinese food, we were hungry an hour after eating, but decided going out to eat wasn't a good option. A quick snap of the camera to showcase my evening outfit, and we passed out from exhaustion.

I paired a Cynthia Rowley top and skirt with a lightweight cardigan by Vince, I threw on a pair of Kurt Geiger flats and tried to squeeze my cell phone into a vintage horn handbag.

The next day, the Piaget team assembled their rag tag bunch of digital divas for a tour of Geneva's famous rose gardens, part of a 5 senses tour, designed to get us to experience the brand to the fullest.

I ate a banana.

To keep things rosey, I wore a suite by BCBG, a small shoulder clutch by DVF, a pair of Marc Jacobs heels, a Lulu Frost necklace and a hat by a little known designer called "I'm so small I don't put labels in my hats", which I picked up in London.

Saynt had a Monet moment playing with photoshop.

I had a sleepy moment laying in the garden.

At the Geneva Rose Gardens, we were met by a man who called himself the Keeper of Roses, who took us through a tour and gave us ample amount of time to stop and ... well, you know the rest. I toured the gardens with Alexandra from Lovely Pepa and Luisa from Style Roulette, two new international BBF (blogger best friends) I plan to keep in touch with for fashion week adventures.

After the gardens, we made our way to the Piaget manufacturing facilities. We had lunch with the team, then headed downstairs to shadow men and women in white coats diligently working on secret projects. We weren't allowed to take pics for this very reason, but experienced first hand what it takes to create a piece from inception to reality, which requires a lot of tiny tools and upwards of 12 hours for even the simplest pieces.

For dinner I wore a top by Moschino, a skirt by Prada, my DVF clutch, and heals by Chelsea Paris. I'm so in love with these shoes, I've worn them more times than I'm happy to admit.

A quick stop back at our hotel for a change, and then off to dinner, for our taste experience. The chef created a very special menu just for us, incorporating rose essences and rose petals. The five course meal mimicked the Piaget 5 Senses experience, as we sipped wine into the late hours of the evening, chatting the changing blogosphere and getting into a heated discussion over the future of the digital influencer. It was definitely great dinner conversation.

For my Piaget glamification, I wore a suit by Jaeger, bra by Victoria Secret, and shoes from Raf's first Dior season.

The next day was all about the photoshoot, the group headed to a studio where we were prepped with hair and makeup, decked out in the latest pieces in the Rose collection, and photographed. I even twerked during mine, thinking it would make for some awesome photos, not realizing that my twerk just created double chins and fat rolls. Miley needs to show me how it's done.

My final photo, above, was incredible, and I couldn't be more happy with the outcome.

For kissing bunnies, I wore a BCBG gown, gems by Gerard Yosha, and a pair of flats by United Nude.

On our last night, we did dinner with Kristina from Kayture and Alexandra from Lovely Pepa. We headed to one of her local faves, an authentic Thai spot with menu prices rivaling our first night of Chinese. Kristina is so beautiful, inside and out, I can't even describe it, she's a doll!

We spoke a bit of Russian to each other, while the boys chatted boy stuff.

After dinner, I found a bunny to cuddle with, playing Jessica to his Roger.