PHOTOSHOP OF HORRORS: From Grubby to Gruber

According to Gawker, Calvin Klein's alleged model boyfriend is an alleged ex porn star. Of course, "star" is pushing it, since Sean Cody and Next Door Male can barely be considered top notch productions. Not that I'm an expert or anything, though I have had a lot of free time on my hands lately. Anygay,  Gawker originally dug up Gruber's "modeling"  photos from Model Mayhem under the profile name, Nick London. Then the profile mysteriously disappeared. Do my eyes deceive me or is Nick wearing an invisible pump? However, the young stud's less than stellar past later came in clear view. As did the Extreme Makeover: Homo Edition pulled off on his face. Yikes! The teeth alone are enough to quell any emerging bone, if not make me contemplate a life of heterosexuality. Thank god, or Uncle Calvin, for cosmetic dentistry, Proactiv solution, a $200 haircut, and subtle rhinoplasty.

Meanwhile, the designer could have saved some cash and just found someone actually attractive. But then again, he's an artist. There's a certain pride in forming some underaged, slutty mound of clay into a gorgeous hunk of jailbait.