Four Tips & Tricks For Giving Fine Hair a Boost

Having fine hair has its pros an cons. Pro: your hair is malleable and generally healthy. Con: It can look limp and oily after only one day. While many fine haired ladies have relied on teasing combs, hot-rollers and hairspray down the years, it’s time to put them down. You can add volume and body to your hair with the right combination of cleansing and styling. Click through to styles notes to get the secrets to giving limp strands some much-needed lift. –– Michelle Rotbart



It’s best to use a shampoo that is nourishing, light, and sulfate-free. Heavyweight shampoos, like those rich in moisture, aren’t right for fine hair types. Try gentle shampoo or daily shampoo and just use a bit.


Try to avoid silicone-based serums and leave-in conditioners, which will be too heavy for fine hair. Instead try lightweight products like volume foam and styling whip. The airy consistency of these products is great for getting the product to where volume is created: at the roots.

Avoid Heat Styling

Too much heat styling is bad for all hair types, but especially finer strands. If you’re still opting for heat styling, always use a thermal protector and use the lowest setting possible on your tool.

Dry Shampoo

Finishing your your style with refinish dry shampoo will help eliminate limpness in your strands thanks to it’s oil absorbing, texture-giving capabilities. You’ll even be able to achieve those desirable and lived-in, second-day tresses.


Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group