Four Inspiring Spring Hair Colors & Cuts from Nick Arrojo

We peeked at Nick Arrojo’s Instagram and found lots of inspiring images of hair colors and cuts, created at various hair and beauty shows. Nick, previously the hairdressing host of What Not to Wear, and the owner of an iconic hairdressing brand in NYC, kindly agreed to let us share some of these images. He also offered to provide style notes, so we can see the thinking of one of the world’s best stylists. For Nick’s insights to these four trendy styles, click notes…


Top Left: Naturally, this model has straight hair. When I met her it was very long and healthy, but I felt it lacked life and personality. I gave her a face-framing layered razor-cut. Then we did an American Wave to create loose, beachy waves. The waves start on the temples and tumble down the shoulders for that tousled, lived-in effect that everybody loves.

Top Right: This shorter shape shows the beauty of razor-cutting. The razor, unlike scissors, removes length and weight at the same time, which encourages the tapered edges and deconstructed interior you see here. It’s great for loose cuts with playful versatility. I love the color too. Pastels have come into the mainstream and this soft and beautiful lavender typifies the type of color young, fashionable clients are asking for.

Bottom Left: Whenever I find a model with eyes as big and as beautiful as this, it is my duty as a stylist to accentuate their sparkle. That’s why I gave this girl full, deep-set bangs to perfectly frame her baby blues. I also have to give a nod to my colorists, who created this dark to light effect using artisan hair painting techniques. It’s a gorgeous graduation of color, effortlessly blending mocha and caramel tones.

Bottom Right: In my salon we encourage those with natural texture to wear it naturally; the elegance and individuality of curly hair is something we celebrate. I put lots of space into the interior of this cut, which gives the curls freedom to spring to life. This is another great color application too. A few lighter brown pieces are artfully placed to spotlight the beauty of the full and fabulous texture.


Special Thanks to Nick Arrojo for Sharing His Work with Style Noted. You Can Follow Nick Here: