Street Zero: Street Style Gone Bad

Though the red is nice, it would work a lot better if it wasn't a jumper. Also, he needs a little variety. There is way too much of the same color.

Is this the 2.0 version of the toga? Everything is wrong with this. I really don't know where to start; even the sandals are horrible!

Tie, button-up, and skirt. Absolutely not. Not that I support the skirt, but if I did, this one is completely wrong. How could you even put a belt on that! It looks like he through on the skirt in a dark room where he couldn't see instead of a nice pair of pants.

I understand that when people reach their 80s the wardrobe needs to change, but this woman isn't even near that age! Come one, stop dressing like my 90-year-old grandmother. Or better yet, my grandfather; from the waist down it could be a bit easy to get confused.