Fall Colors

My cute sis that I talked about previously with B Couture Photography took these pics. It's pretty convenient to have an awesome sister that can take pics for me every once in a while, I just wish we lived closer so I could see her more than once every other month. Okay I just made it seem like she lives like in Australia......oh don't worry it's just St. George. It sure does feels like Australia sometimes though. Okay and we have to take a second to talk about little dudes hair, it is killing me in these pictures. It seriously is so long and I just can NOT cut it. It is too curly and thick and lucious and I can't do it. People can call him a girl all they want but I really don't care. It's a war to get him not to wear a hat everyday anyway so I may as well keep it long for now.

photos by: B Couture Photography

tank: H&M sweater: c/o 360 Sweater pants: ANINE BING boots: c/o Steve Madden Utah (801-355-3917) (boot name: Bailout) watch: c/o Arvo Wear Hanes' outfit: tank: H&M cardigan: Rag & Bone shoes: Toms