Does "Fake It Til You Make It" Work in Fashion Blogging?

I question if I've got what it takes to give a fuck. 

Beca's Take

As bloggers, we secretly know what it takes to become a blogger, that drive that is necessary to make it in this industry, in order to have the brands notice and care enough to send you free shit or invite you to drink free booze. But as regular people, we are always surprised at what actually works, what actually becomes popular, and who actually matters in this bizarre industry that we're in. We often can spot trends, or talent, and are often jealous of originality, as it brings out the personal flaws and shortcomings in ourselves. We stalk the others that are doing more, doing better, and making us feel bad about not doing more, or doing better, and we try harder and harder to strive. So what does this say about the blogging industry? Basically, work your ass off, or fake it until you make it.

And what does that mean? To put it simply, copy the formula over and over and you'll always succeed. Example; Ms. ManRepeller  has dumbfounded many, her road to success had been short, and not very winding. I question daily if the Manrepeller is a ruse, and yet, I don't really want the answer, as the story is more interesting to me than the truth, whatever it may be. Recently, she wrote that she has too many yeast infections, doesn't shave, and very much so likes armpit hair, and to my still disdain, Cole Haan sponsored the story. And why not, guess it sheds some light on their brand, proving yet again, that creativity rules, and that even the largest of brands have bowed to Leandra's greatness. Her secret is simple, create words that flow together so well that it creates a story, a story so original and never yet told, that these days, the girl is traveling worldwide being begged to tell the story of the brand that paid her to do so.

And somehow, I cannot think of anyone better for the job.

So should we question the character she created, or let it entertain us?

I say, keep the stories coming!

The formula seems simple, yet it isn't.

It's difficult to create something original, to become a character, and to stick with is. I am not original and I admit it, yet  I know I have to be to make it. 'Why should anyone care about me?' is the question that I've been asked, and the answer is always 'I don't know.'

What is MY formula? Can I create something new this late in the game? I'm twenty something and it seems like time is funning out for me, yet I've just 'inherited' this blog, a blog that is more than a blog, a blog with influence and a name and actual readers.  So maybe this is just the beginning of a journey to build my character, and my current thought is to become a fashion chameleon. I'm not sure what this means yet, but I'm thinking it would be fun. I've always wanted to act, maybe this is my way?

Would love your thoughts on this. Comment and let me know.

Saynt's Take

As bloggers, we often don't know what it takes to make it.

Most of us don't have the drive needed to be someone in this industry, to get invited to the best events, party with celebrities, sit front row at fashion week, and be a real somebody in an industry full of wannabe's and hanger-on's who feign "coolness" when in truth they're just a friend of a Varsity Princess, sucking off the teet to remain somewhat relevant.

No, fashion isn't like other industries. It's not the type where if you work hard enough to reach the upper echelons, the woman and men who are graced by books, movies, television shows, and countless features and commendations from media and celebrities. Few reach this level of acceptance. Few are considered icons.

Lately, I've been breaking down what makes a character. How did Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Anna Della Russo, Daphne Guinness, Marc Jacobs and more recent entrants BryanBoy, Sussie Bubble, Elin Kling, ManRepeller, the Sartorialist, Garance Dore, Hanneli Mustaprata and about another handful of "slash-bloggers" (Bloggers/Model/Photographer/Stylist) get to where they are? And more importantly get stuck in styling ruts, finding unique attributes to expose to their adoring public. Behaviors that are documented and imitated. The best kind of market manipulation.

So I'm beginning an experiment. Something that might make me a little bit of a fashion chameleon, showing you the ways to acquire any look and creating a character along the way. A character of my own.

Why? Because I fucking want in. I'm no Dan Humphrey, making friends only to stab them in the back. I want to change the industry forever, and with what I'm doing with Socialyte, building an amazing group of publishers, signing great partners and building something game changing. Life couldn't be awesomer.

So follow Beca's journey as she plays muse to a series of fashion icon breakdowns. An analysis of what the fuck makes them cool.



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