When I read, in Melody's blog, that Essie had a promotion to take three for the price of two, I decided to go to El Corte Inglés and take a look. Besides the quality of Essie's nail polishes there is a huge variety of colors.

However, since I'm a bit clumsy and I often work with scissors, I decided to go for a top coat to make sure my nails could be perfect for more than two days (it's been five days and they're still flawless! I'm loving it). I was advised to buy the Let It Shine, wish makes the nails with that "just painted" look for 10 days max. It was a delightful surprise and you can say it was money well spent.

As for the other two nail polishes, besides the tough choice, I went for the Sole Mate (a bordeaux nail polish) and Wicked (a brown almost black nail polish). However I have to return to the store, at least to buy After Sex, a red nail polish with glitter, absolutely stunning! ,P

Hope you like the suggestion.