Jennifer Lopez's Daughter was Blinged out in $2,410 Worth of Accessories for Chanel

And she didn't even over-accessorize. Jennifer Lopez brought her adorable 4 year-old daughter Emme Anthony to the Chanel Spring 2013 show last Tuesday and Us Weekley is reporting she was wearing $2,410 worth of accessories for the show. 

Emme Anthony

When we were four years old, we were busy pretending with our Barbies and playing Pretty, Pretty Princess. Luckily for 4-year old Emme Anthony, daughter of Jennifer Lopez, she wouldn't be caught out dead in plastic jewelry. Only designer goods for this pretty, pretty princess.

Emme is only one half of J.Lo's twin toddlers, so we're wondering if Emme gets this type of special treatment what the two must get together is unimaginable. The tiny tot sat front row at Chanel with her mother, Kanye West, Baptiste Giabiconi, and her mom's boy toy Casper Smart.

In total, Emme was accessorized in $2,410 worth of swag for the runway presentation. Besides looking adorably bored sitting front for during the fashion show, we're thinking that's a hell of an investment for a kid so young. Her Chanel brooch alone was worth $310 while her little bag was worth $2,100.

So when Emme and brother Max turn 5, we're betting that birthday party is going to be a Jay-Z equivalent bash probably with more than just your average bouncy-house, clown, and cake combination. Until then, is Jennifer looking to adopt?

If you were confused about the hula-hoop sized Chanel bag that walked down the runway last Tuesday, then fear not. Karl Lagerfeld explains to The Telegraph that it's for the beach. Read more here. 

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