Style your locks like a Vogue model

Freelance editorial stylist, Christophe Lambenne continues to send an array of fabulous contributions to Style Noted and for his latest work comes an image featured on Vogue Italia Online. A whimsical, windblown side-pony with loose swooshing texture this super-chic and wearable style is something any girl can put in her styling arsenal. For Christophe’s personal step by step, click style notes.

First I spread some “Surf Spray” in the hair to create texture. Second I side parted the hair. At the back of the head to have more hold in prep for the ponytail I started to wrap the hair up from the mid head section to the neck section. I used a long colored ribbon to tie a side part ponytail close to the neck. I used a small bobby pins to secure it. I tied a second time in the mid part of the ponytail and a third time at the end of the ponytail. At the end I made a tiny braid and I used the rest of the colored ribbon to wrap up the complete braid and finished the look. I did the same for the other side of head.

Special Thanks to Christophe Lambenne for this submission to Style Noted.

Credits: Hair: Christophe Lambenne Photographer: Claudia Raymat MUA: Crystal Die Stylist: Helena Chambon “C’est chic Agency” Model: Jenna Peij from “Dominique Models agency”