Eat, Pray, Design with Adrien Field

When it comes to fashion, sometimes it's more about how you feel rather than how you look. It's the story that your clothing is telling, it's the special lining of the inside of your jacket, it's the things that only you know; you're little secret from the rest of world (while still looking damn good to everyone else, of course). The AUGUST FIELD Fall/Winter 2013 is a collection for just that. Made with rich and luxurious fabrics from India, it is the kind of collection that is meant to be experienced, not just worn. I sat down with the designer of the label, Adrien Field to talk travel, his interesting fashion journey from blogger to designer, and of course his most recent to-die-for collection.

The AUGUST FIELD Fall/Winter 2013 collection entitled "Maharaja's Dream" is one to be felt and experienced as much as it is to be seen. Combining rich Eastern fabrics such as silk brocade, microfiber velvet and satin with classic Western tailoring, the line envelops the wearer in a cocoon of luxury.

What inspired you to leave NYC, travel to India, and start your own clothing line?

After nearly five years in New York and working my way into the industry one party at a time, I had become jaded. I was enjoying my work as a stylist and magazine editor, but at the same time life was beginning to feel stagnant and I was yearning for growth. The opportunity presented itself to travel to India with a friend and I jumped at the chance for a renewing experience. I gave up my apartment lease, sold all my furniture, packed what remained of my worldly possessions into two suitcases and set off for Delhi. While not having originally gone to India to design, I became inspired by the richness of fabrics I saw during my trips to the market, particularly the opulent silk brocades that are a hallmark of traditional Indian handicraft work. I hadn't seen the availability of those fabrics in the West outside of Tom Ford and a few other high-end designers (this was before brocade became a huge trend during Fall 2012). I saw an opportunity to create a line that had a luxury, high-end aesthetic at a contemporary price point based on regal Indian fabrics.

How would you describe your collection?

AUGUST FIELD combines rich Eastern fabrics with traditional Western tailoring for a chic, timeless aesthetic. I am inspired by beautiful and sophisticated women with confidence, independence, and irreverence. An AUGUST FIELD woman doesn't think twice about pairing Veuve Cliquot with Funyons or eating pork crackins on a private jet as one of my favorite clients is wont to do.

We are subtly trend driven, but in a trend-setting rather than following way. I have always been at the forefront of trend prediction, which is why I believe I was a good market editor. I was working with brocades before they were a global trend. This season one of my standout pieces was the bomber jacket and then it just so happened that WWD said bomber jackets were the season's statement. At the same time, a piece from any one of my collections will look as good in ten years as it does now. I don't believe in throwaway fashion.

I'd like to describe your story as 'Eat, Pray, Design,' would this be accurate? Can I say that you're a blogger turned stylist turned fashion designer?

Yes - my journey was actually blogger turned magazine editor turned stylist turned designer! Everything in my career has happened organically and each step prepared me for the next one. Life is a constant evolution if you are open to it. You left NYC, the capital of fashion, to work on your designs in LA, tell us about that decision? After returning from India back to America, I no longer had my apartment in New York and I didn't want to go back to living the same life that I had before - it would have felt like a negation of everything that I had experienced in India. I had come back to America a changed person and my perspective on life was indelibly altered. I was attracted to the LA lifestyle, particularly the idea of living in a bubble of one's own creation. I find a lot of peace living in LA. Meanwhile I travel back and forth frequently to New York and do all my design work in India, so LA is just my home base.

You've styled for large publications and have a few celebrity clients, how has this impacted your designs?

Being a stylist has greatly informed my design work. Dressing and undressing women of a variety of ages, professions, and body shapes has given me insight into a woman's mind - the way she thinks about dressing, her body, all of those things. It helps me design clothes that women will actually want to buy and wear, rather than creating some crazy pseudo art piece that only Lady Gaga would wear for an appearance. I'm interested in real (fabulous) women.

I'm wearing an AUGUST FIELD Smoking Jacket, Vintage Dress, DVF Sunglasses, Chelsea Paris heels. I wish I was wearing knee pads, for all the crawling I had to do in order to get to the fan!