Kiss This: DIY Lip Exfoliator

Fact: no one likes chapped lips. We're all for kissing here at FashionIndie, so we decided to create our own lip exfoliator. This easy-to-make formula is sure to keep your smackers smooth and kissable this season. Check it out after the jump!

The first step to baby soft lips is to make sure you don't lick them, smack them, twitch them, whatever!  Irritating them will only cause chappiness.


1. 1 Tbsp Brown Sugar 2. 1 Tbsp Honey 3. 1 Tsp Vitamin E Oil

Mix the three ingredients in a small container until the oil and honey is evenly distributed. Apply to dry lips no more than 2x a week and rinse off with lukewarm water. Pat dry.


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