Designer Discovery: Trompe D'Oeil by James Woolfin and Yvette White

Trompe d’oeil is an effect that designers like to employ to look intelligent and to add a surrealist edge to what they are doing. However, little known label British label Insideout have made trompe d’oeil their calling card over the years and rather than using the effect as a one-off shock tactic, instead their garments have perseverance, precisely because they are so dedicated to their very specific printing technique. James Woolfin and Yvette White, who met whilst studying fashion textiles at Central Saint Martins have explored numerous details of clothes and have been transferring those details via lifelike monochromatic prints that look like distressed photocopies, on t-shirts, vests and dresses. The form and shape of garments is not meant to be the main focus as you immediately try to make out what is being depicted. A loose piece of thread hanging off a knit, sequins falling off, rips, worn out areas in fabric; these imperfections are made beautiful when printed. Their S/S 09 collection is as always a continuation of those instantly recognisable details. Zippers are slashed all over a t-shirt. Loose knit mohair is replicated on a jumper that looks so lifelike, the fluffy threads look instantly touchable. A close-up shot of a trench coat results in a dress that makes you wish such a trench dress actually existed. Other textures such as enlarged sequins, deconstructed shirt layered over one another and snagged muslin are also replicated. insideout could probably play around with these textures with real McCoy fabrics but then how else would they keep people guessing at what they might replicate next. -Via Dazed Digital