Designer: Kevin Morrison

While millions of New Yorkers spent last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, traveling to see grandma and grandpa for the holiday weekend, I spend my day bumming the streets of SoHo, scoping out side streets and little boutiques. After exiting the disappointing "sale" at Diesel's Spring Street location, I had a few extra bucks in my pocket and a sweet tooth for some retail therapy. Well, I didn't have to travel very far to find my next satisfying purchase! I came across Kevin Morrison, a SoHo jewelry designer, set up on a small card table on Spring Street between Wooster and W. Broadway. I was immediately drawn to the stunning brass rings and necklaces laid across his table. Upon further questioning, I learned that the jewelry was all hand made brass pieces, cast from other objects. Take a look at the necklaces and you'll notice what appears to be sunflower seeds, flower petals, and large jewels cast in brass. The rings were incredibly crafted as well. It's hard to see detail in the photograph, but I purchased the black brass honeycomb ring etched in gold (top row, second column). My favorite piece, which I have yet to run back and buy, is a black bangle cast from an old wristwatch!  For the most part, Morrison "sets up shop" on Spring Street in the same location. Although he does not have a website at this time, you can contact Morrison at for more information or location updates! This is one local designer definitely worth checking out!