David Barton Talks: Gym Chic

“It’s Not About Gym Clothes You Can Wear On the Street, but Street Clothes You Can Wear to the Gym” You never know who you might run, squat or lunge into. Whether it’s Marc Jacobs, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna or your future husband/wife, be prepared in cool gym-wear in your quest to LookBetterNaked. Gym Chic is effortless and nonchalant, yet secretly contrived and deliberate. Here are my tips to pull it off… For men, I have one rule: no high socks. Even worse? Work socks. If you forgot ankle socks, go for no socks. No excuses. If you’re the sneakers type, pair them with basketball shorts and throw on a cut-off shirt. Vintage tees are really cool and if you have the right body, a wife beater is even better. For the relaxed rugged gym look, and the look I wear best, throw on a vintage cut-off shirt and sweatpants, and slip on a pair of hiking boots with the laces loosely tied. If you’re the bandana type, rock a complete biker look or you’re setting yourself up for trouble. For women, again, no high socks – show us your calves. The key to a truly sexy gym look is accessorizing. Pair tight rolled up sweatpants that show off your legs with amazing Chanel earrings. Take a casual off-the-shoulder sweater that covers up your “bad” parts but shows a peak of skin, pair it with your favorite leggings and add a cool headscarf. To be effortlessly gym chic, mix luxe and vintage, baggy and fitted. Finish the look with a funky pair of shoes, like converse sneakers. Ultimately, the best gym look is a DavidBartonGym LookBetterNaked t-shirt. You should also love the way you look when the tee comes off.