A Love Note to Scuba Enthusiast Cynthia Rowley

and the nautical naughtiness she inspires.

Last week, Cynthia Rowley sent a little care package of seasonal pieces to the Indie offices, a preview of items she felt would be perfect for my slightly over the top quirkyness. While some of the pieces got play, one item in particular, a wetsuit in a metallic gold boldly stood out. My first attempt at wearing the piece resulted in some comical hyjinks, with one scene including both my husband and best friend, Vicki Frid, helping me squeeze my fupa into suit.

Note to Cynthia, you might want to include a small bottle of baby powder with each of these sold.

After attempting to style a look around this piece, I realized that my body couldn't go through a full day in scuba gear, no matter how chic it was. I decided to offer the piece to my new photog, and see what she could do with it. The result? A thoroughly seductive set of shots dedicated to Rowley's street style must. Enjoy...

Above, Margrit Wenzel  wears the Cynthia Rowley Wetsuit in Gold (starting at $195)


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