The folks at Equmen, a new brand that provides shapewear undies, were kind enough to send me a pair of their boxer briefs to try. I may never go back to regular underwear again. Here's the deal. Women get to wear Spanks and girdles, shapewear that sucks in, enhances, lifts and separates. Their closets are a treasure trove of visually deceiving undergarments that give them bigger racks, smaller waists, and longer legs. Boys on the other hand are stuck with the basics, with nothing really available to keep us looking trimmed and optomized. Well Equmen is trying to change that idea with a new line of shapewear for guys, amazingly advanced goodies that promise to enhance what matters. They've made a few undershirts, or Wondershirts as they like to call them, that suck you in and make you look trimmed and put together. Perfect for wearing tees or dress shirts, the tees provide support when you need it and really help create a flattering frame for boys, like myself, with a little extra around the waist. They've also created a pair of undies which are currently my addiction. I've been wearing a pair for a few weeks and have since purchased an entire set. They contour and smooth out my butt and provide a little lift to my backside while offering the boys a little breathing room. Each pair is designed to keep your tookus tight which is ideal right after the holidays. You buy a pair of Equmen Underwear at their website.