Skipping Platinum. What Your Stylist Needs to Know to Give You Vanilla Blonde Locks.

Mention cool blonde and most people picture platinum, and while gleaming white locks scintillate on the right skin tone, they are not the only option. This lovely vanilla shade is pale and icy, but looks more natural than stark white. Adding a bit more pigment to blonde locks means a softer outgrowth and a longer-lasting tone. Adjusting the hue of fair hair is a great way to update without sacrificing brightness. Read the style notes for tips and my professional formulations for creating a similar tone. –– Laura Martin

Tips: Begin by lightening hair to a level 10, lifting past the level of the toner will ensure a neutral/cool end result. Perform a virgin or retouch application as applicable. Make sure to saturate hair thoroughly and rinse quadrants individually for most even result. Shampoo gently then tone for exactly five minutes. Rinse again and style as desired.

Formulas: (Starting level 7)

Lightening: Goldwell Silk Lift with 30 Volume

Toning: Goldwell Colorance Express Toner 9 Creme with Colorance Express Lotion

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted